When to Quit Your Job

Your job is the source of your income, and it is what consumes most of your time. It should be something you’re entirely dedicated to because it is a part of your identity. A lot of people feel like their current jobs aren’t for them, but they can’t figure out if they have the right reasons to quit. They are also scared of not being able to find another job. However, having a job that you don’t want can be unhealthy, and you’ll end up suffering. Here are a few signals to let you know that it’s time to resign.

You feel forced to go to work

If you wake up in the morning feeling like going to work is the hardest thing to do, and the thought of working at your current job anger or disappoint you, then you might need to consider quitting. Having a job that you’re not motivated for will lead to lesser productivity. Sooner or later it will decrease your performance, so it’s better to stop now than to embarrass yourself later.

Your work bores you

The quality and performance of your work are determined by how hard you put your effort into it. Doing work that you’re passionate about often leads to better results. If you look at what your work is and have no intention of continuing it, then you are not excited about it, and you’re just doing it to get your salary. Again, this will reflect on your performance, and you can do so much better-doing work that you actually like. It’s never too late to pursue the job that you want.

You have been looking for other jobs

You’ve been unconsciously looking at job hunting websites, updating your CV, and looking at outplacement services while you’re at work. This is the most obvious signal that you’re ready to get out of your office and work somewhere else. You might be waiting for your salary before you finally quit, and that’s okay too. If you’ve reached this stage, it means that you have to quit soon, or you’ll just do your job wishing you were doing something else, and this is never mentally healthy for you.

You’re reading this article

The fact that you’re even reading this article means that you’re already wondering if you should quit your job. If the reasons above fits you, then you should quit your job. You can also consult with your friends and loved ones first for their advice, and even to your co-workers.