Resource Manager

Qualities of a Good Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers are very important persons in whatever organization. They are important because they are tasked with the responsibility of hiring and developing employees so that they can turn to assets in their respective companies. The tasks performed by human resource managers vary from company to company. For instance, in a small company set up, the HR manager can perform some roles. Thus if you are a business or company owner, and you want to hire an individual for this role, the process of hiring him or she will be smooth if you know the qualities that you should look out for in a good human resource manager. Here are some of those qualities:


The number one quality that you should look out for in a good HR manager is to ensure that they are properly qualified for the role. Even though the academic requirements for one to become an HR manager varies from one institution to another, most employers prefer that one has a bachelors degree in behavioral science, accounting, business administration, law or even economics and statistics. It is even a plus if they have a master’s degree in industrial organization.


human resource skillsOne other quality that a good HR manager should have is the ability to get organized. He/she should have strong and excellent time management skills and they should also have the ability to complete tasks efficiently. This is very important as in this role one will have to deal with a variety of issues which need balancing. Such issues include hiring staff, firing them, dealing with your employee’s issues while you will also need to create strategies on how to recruit for any open positions. They should also be people who adhere to deadlines while accomplishing tasks quickly and diligently so that they meet the needs of both the employers and employees.


Many argue that the HR department of whatever institution serves as the conscience of that particular company. Thus this position requires that one has a keen sense of ethics while handling the companies confidential information while strictly adhering to the companies’ policies. He/she should be a person who earns the trust and respect of both the company employees and the executives so that they can effectively discharge their duties.

Good communication skills

The primary function of any HR practitioner is the facilitation of communication between the employees and employers. Thus a good human resource manager should have good oral and written communication skills to ensure that they relay any information to both the employer and employees. This will also come in handy when solving any disputes that may arise within the institution.

Good problem-solving skills

For any business entity to work well, it is the role of the HR department to ensure that different departments and people with varying personalities work together harmoniously to achieve the set goals of the company. Additionally, a good HR manager should have good conflict resolution skills which will go a long way in ensuring that he/she can effectively diffuse any tensions that may arise in the workplace.